In 1990, one of our larger customers asked us to purchase a grinder and make a custom wood chip out of waste mill-ends and random length lumber and source from sawmills and manufacturing plants in the Fraser valley and Vancouver region. Our first machine was a small single-axle grinder with 300 HP which produced a 100 cubic yards an hour. From that small grinder we now have the largest receiving and intake yard for wood waste in the lower mainland. In 2011 alone, we received and processed over 500,00 tonnes of wood waste. In 2016, we received, processed and transported 870,000 tonnes of wood waste.

We are permitted by Metro-Vancouver permit #B-018 and have all township of Langley business licenses. Our strategic location at the base of the Golden Ears Bridge in Langley, make us the most sensible drop location for any project that could produce wood in Fraser valley or Vancouver. We provide chain of custody documents for LEEDS projects or EPA/Green works in the United States. This means that when we pick up your wood waste, we provide documentation detailing where it was picked up and where it went – less paperwork for you, all integrated by Cloverdale Fuel. we also provide custom documentation and improved streamlined documentation for the GVRD.

If you have wood waste, we want it so we can make something that can be used again. If you need a truck or bin or excavator to pick up your wood, we can provide that as well. We also have the largest horizontal grinder in BC available for on-site work.

We accept wood in any form including:

  • Stumps
  • Branches
  • Trees
  • Logs
  • Brush
  • Lumber
  • Pallets
  • Crates
  • Fences
  • Timbers
  • Decking
  • Leaves & Grass
  • Moulding & Millwork
  • Wood Chips

If you run a business that uses a lot of wood, or even if you have created wood waste on your personal property, there are several reasons you should consider having it recycled or ground. Wood waste comes in many forms, and it can be difficult to dispose of. There are very negative environmental consequences from dumping wood waste into water, which many have done, and having it on your property can make it look messy and unkempt. Having wood waste accumulate from your business will eventually take up too much space to continue storing it, and having a lot of wood waste on your property can invite unwanted animals and insects into your area by providing them a cozy home. Grinding up your wood waste can convert it into a form that is useful to you, such as mulch, instead of being a useless pile of branches or a tree stump just taking up space.

Recycling and Disposal

Taking your wood waste to a recycling facility is doing a service to the environment. Many sawmills have dumped wood waste into water sources, damaging the health of the aquifer. Some might just assume that because it is wood and thusly biodegradable, that it does not count as pollution. However, dumping your wood waste such as sawdust into a waterway will coat the bottom of the waterway and choke the benthic layer, which is the home of many invertebrates that form the base layer of the local ecosystem. As the wood decays it uses up oxygen, and the oxygen starved insects die. Then they are not there to be eaten and the ecosystem can collapse. It can also prevent some fish from spawning. Storing wood waste on the property of your home or business looks unkempt, and provides visitors with a bad impression. If your business generates a substantial amount of wood waste, you will end up using space to store it that could have been put to another purpose. That is why you should take your wood waste somewhere that it can be recycled and used in a productive way. It is off your hands, and something positive has been done with it.

Recycling Dropboxes: We have an army of roll off trucks and bins. We will set them down and pick them up. Choose from 20, 30 and 40 yard rolloff bins in stock. We can also custom design bins to capture wood waste more efficiently. We will work with you to build a bin enclosure made for your facility.


Whether your wood waste is downed trees, fallen branches, bundles of sticks, saw mill waste lumber, or just a stump left in the ground, you should consider having it ground up. Having the wood waste ground up will convert it back into a useable form. The chips can be burned as fuel, laid as mulch, or sold to someone else that probably would not have wanted to buy the stump out of your yard. Rather than allowing a pile of sticks to sit in your yard providing a home for pests, consider having the wood ground up into chips or dust depending on your purpose. Utilize a service that will collect your wood waste no matter the form, grind it for you in a timely manner, and return it to you in a useable form.


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