We sell to the public – strata, landscaping companies, commercial, and residential. Come by and pick up your product.

We have the Bark Mulch and Wood-Chips you need for your business or home. Our 12 acre facility in Langley, BC is a holding yard for various mulches and wood chip blends which are popular for today’s landscaping project. We are unique in that our facility accepts all wood based yard waste as well.

Come in with your branches, trees, shrubs or old wood fences and leave with fine quality bark mulch or wood chips. We can deliver or blow product to any location in the lower mainland or Washington state. Our products can be viewed in person before purchase at one of our two depots in BC and Washington state. You can pick-up anytime or we can deliver with 24hrs notice.

Landscaping for Business

Quality landscaping is an important aspect of a business. If you are running a business, the appearance of the storefront and the grounds considerably affects the first impressions that potential customers or clients will form about your business. First impressions can be key, and it is hard to undo a bad one. Therefore, the landscaping and overall appearance of the grounds is key. A neat, clean, and well-put together area surrounding your business is ideal. The grass should be neatly trimmed, the paths and grounds should be free of debris such as garbage or leaf litter, and any mulch should be freshly applied.

Landscaping for Home Life

A well-landscaped property is an important aspect of home life, as well. Depending on your personality, the subtle perceptions you form about your life from your surroundings can be a key factor in how you feel and act on a day-to-day basis.

When you come home from work to a dingy property that is in disrepair with an unkempt lawn, it will not be as refreshing as if the property were well kept. It will remind you of how many tasks you have to do. However, if you come home to property with well-kept grounds, you might find yourself in a much more positive mood and better able to recover from a stressful day at work. Here again the mulch, if you mulch, can be a key factor. Recently applied or recently refreshed mulch that fits the rest of the landscaping can put that extra touch on a property that makes it look neat and finished.

A clean, fresh appearance in your landscaping will help guests to your home feel comfortable, and it may just make you feel better as well.


Mulch is an important aspect of landscaping. If it is present, it must be done correctly, and with high quality mulch. The mulch should also be the right color, and fresh or recently refreshed. Mulch, while not a focal piece of landscaping, is a critical background component which may help to form the underlying impressions customers will have when the approach your business; or the impressions that a guest will have about you and your home when they come to visit. Because of this choosing the right mulch is important.

There are several varieties of mulch, and many colors to choose from. Each type of mulch has its own benefits and suits different styles or themes of landscaping. Some common wood-types for mulch include cedar, hemlock, and fir. You can have bark or wood, and there are also different texture options. You could have fine chips, coarse chips, large or small chips, as well as different sizes of shavings or sawdust. There are even variations in the level of dryness or the type of drying process used for the mulch. You should use high quality mulch of a kind that fits your needs. You may want to speak with a mulch expert in order to find the perfect fit for you.


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