Cloverdale Fuel has been a leader in the development of wood waste into biomass fuel since its inception in 1945. The name “Cloverdale Fuel” has its roots in those origins. Our business was started during the peak of the second world war, when necessities we take for granted such as oil, electricity and gas were scarce and rationed. Almost every home and most business heated their homes with wood or sawdust.

Our founder JDS Gill, would load his truck and deliver firewood and sawdust around the lower mainland to various homes and business who depended on our company for heat and light. From these humble origins, we now provide wood fuel generated from our custom grinding and recycling operations to heat and power massive pulp and paper facilities, greenhouses, and even district energy projects.

Cloverdale Fuel was chosen in 2011 to provide wood fuel for the University of British Columbia’s Bio energy Research and demonstration facility(UBC BRDF) in Vancouver. We are very proud to have been chosen from a number of local wood fuel providers as the best and most innovative generator and provider of fuel for the project. We are the only total solution for wood waste derived biomass in the lower mainland, meaning we have custody of the wood waste from inception to delivery, and our company controls the entire process.

We can source complete fuel blends tailored to particular system needs whether they be gasifier or direct combustion systems and deliver them throughout the lower mainland and Washington State at a cost that is feasible for the customer(s)

District Energy

Implementing alternative heating for tubs that were traditionally powered by natural gas, oil or electricity is often referred to as “district energy”. By using biomass as district energy plant is able to negate ghg (greenhouse gas) emissions. Universities, hospitals, whole municipalities, and cities are looking to implement carbon action plans, and address climate change and the problems associated with emitting greenhouse gases.

Why Biomass

Biomass fuel is a great way to heat your home or office. Traditional fuels are costly, have a very negative impact on the environment, and can at times be difficult to obtain. If there is a shortage of fossil fuels, you could be in line to get fuel for your basic heating needs for a long time. If its cold, and there is no fossil fuel available, what are you going to do? There are several benefits to using biomass fuel, specifically biomass fuel derived from the waste of industries using wood. The cost is low, it is readily available, it allows you to avoid burning fossil fuels for your energy needs, and it allows you to utilize the waste products of one industry as a fuel input in your own home or office.


Fossil fuel consumption is highly expensive. It is expensive for the buyer and user, and it is expensive for the environment. That is a cost that is passed off to everyone, because we all use the services of the global ecosystem. The costs of utilizing fossil fuels for your home or office are truly high. By utilizing biomass fuels that are produced in a responsible manner, you can circumvent these problematic issues while still maintaining the ability to heat your home or office.


Biomass fuel is readily available. Although there are several potential sources of the fuel, waste wood from lumber processing, saw dust from saw mills, and wood waste from other processes is readily available. With the majority of people and businesses relying on the burning of fossil fuels for their heating and energy needs, biomass fuels are not likely to become scarce. Cloverdale Fuel can have biomass fuels delivered right to the doorstep of your home or office.

Avoiding Fossil Fuels

Burning coal, burning natural gas, and burning other fossil fuels have high costs both for the user and for the environment. Having to refill tanks of gas, purchase new stores of liquid fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel, or kerosene, is time consuming as well as costly. The costs of fossil fuels are high for the user, and it is also high for the environment. When natural gas is extracted, oil is drilled for, or coal is mined, there is high environmental cost. By utilizing biomass fuels you can begin to remove your home or business from participation in that cycle, which is much more ecologically responsible.

Biomass fuels can be sourced in a responsible manner, which is not something that can be said for fossil fuels. A biomass fuel source from a lumber mill, which utilizes sustainable practices, is both ecologically friendly, and it is recycling a waste product that would otherwise have to be disposed of in a manner that avoids using fossil fuels. Biomass fuel is truly a great idea.

CLOVERDALE FUELS provides service in throughout Greater Vancouver and Washington State including: Vancouver, North Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Mission, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, White Rock, Delta, Bellingham, Lynden, Burlington, Arlington, Blaine, Ferndale, and Sumas.


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